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Quantum Paranormal:

A 21st Century Analysis of the Paranormal Phenomena

The Only Paranormal Book in the World that Technical Specialists agree with

Joe Abegg - Retired US Airforce

My name is Joe Abegg. I am a retired Air Force Pilot, a senior Airline Captain and with 29,000 flying hours, I've witnessed five UAPs with one being four orbs/tic tacs while on approach to Boston Logan airport.

I have found Patricks research to be on a level never seen before, his technical demonstrations and applications tested by external groups are incredible to watch.

In 2009 an "out of this world" event happened, as an unknown object crashed at farm yard in New Mexico, killing a cow from the resulting explosion. The farmer allowed Steve access to this sphere object allowing him to perform a material analysis on it remains. This analysis proves the object in question cannot be reproduced even with current technology and is truly a masterpiece of nanoengineering.

The logic he presents is the first I have seen that directly connects modern day US navy UFO / UAP sightings to paranormal activity in buildings.

His approach is new and unique, with detailed interviews that can turn the hardest of skeptics to his way of thinking - explaining a unified theory on global UFO / Paranormal activity. Incredible!!!

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Derek Martin - I.T Specilist / Zend Certified Engineer

Patrick Jackson has done his homework, and is definitely onto something. His theory is the first I’ve seen that is able to reveal the logic which underlies when, where, why, and how different varieties of paranormal phenomena appear. Everything from 3 types of flying spheres (like the Betz Sphere & Foo Fighters) to ghosts, and even Sasquatch, fit into the logic in one way or another. I never say I’m certain of the veracity of anything, but this is definitely the most intriguing development I have seen in my 44 years of interest in all aspects of the paranormal.

Technical Background: Derek Martin is currently the Director of Development at a digital agency, producing games, animation, and websites. He was a professional internet programmer from 2000-2020, and has done work for clients such as Achievers.com, Panasonic, General Dynamics, and Disney. He is a Zend Certified Engineer, scrum master, certified paranormal investigator, CSETI CE-5 ambassador to the universe, and he knows the basics of Reiki. He participated in a sweat lodge, made several appearances on Canadian television, spoke at the University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia, worked at an NGO in Croatia, and is currently in the process of becoming a MUFON field investigator. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Computers (double major) with Honours, and a post-graduate 12-month certificate in “Internet Management, Production, & Design”. He married in 2012, and is now the proud father of two wonderful girls.

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Roger Berrisford - I.T Speclist / Management / Windows / Linux infrastructure systems

After reading the book - Yeah you definitely could be right! It’s a brilliant analysis! I find it a lot more plausible than the idea of dead people causing poltergeist activity, the explanations make logical sense and research funding should be provided to look deeper into this area.

I'm not 100% committed to any particular view on this or anything else since that limits further learning. However I find your work extremely interesting – the technical demos are fascinating! and I think you're doing great work in this area. I’m skeptical of everything, but I am MORE skeptical about ghosts, but your research has certainly cracked the shell of a very large egg.

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Frank Leach - I.T Specilist / DBA / Data Management

After having spent 10 years of his adult life traveling the world and exploring both religion and spirituality he found himself settled in the Dallas area of Texas as an I.T. Manager for a large insurance company. This progressed to Data Management, processing datasets encompassing global insurance data for millions of people. Having a background in engineering, large data, and statistical analysis.

Mr. Jackson attempts to answer unanswerable questions objectively with logic and data, I have read many books on the unknown, and I do find his theories have strong merit. There are many things we do not know, one thing I do know is that modern spiritualists or "Ghost Hunters" do not use logic or objectivity in much of their investigations or explanations. In my opinion, Mr. Jackson has found that evidence and is well on his way to proving that a part of this unknown world not only exists but what it really is.. Its certainly a huge leap in progress from the current mainstream.

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Patrick Jackson - Bio
black and white portrait shot of Patrick Jackson, author of Quantum Paranormal:A 21st Century Analysis of the Paranormal Phenomena

Patrick Jackson is an independent Paranormal Researcher based in the UK who brings over twenty years of experience in investigating and researching the Paranormal Phenomena..

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